about us


We are a diverse group of passionate people here to help you integrate advanced technologies (e.g. big data analytics) into your business processes. We are genuinely committed to helping our clients stay ahead of the pack. And we have assembled the right team with the right skills and motivation to do just this.

We bring the power of artificial intelligence to your business. We innovate ten steps ahead so you can stay on top of your game. Our team consist of highly motivated professionals with relevant expertise and certification. Premar is a partner committed to adding measurable value to your organization and helping you achieve your goals.

Why Us


Premar Systems specializes in providing business automation solutions and products. In this information age, we help you to leverage new technologies to competitive advantage. We deliver high value through innovative solutions that bridge the gap between your business and the latest technology.

Our Team

Sam Ngige

Head of Products

Kelvin K Chot

Head of Marketing

Faith Charity

Head of Customer Experience

Denis Oluka

Head of I.T

James Njeru

Head of Accounts & Finance

Evan Wambugu (Head of Content)

Evan Wambugu

Head of Content

Matt Magenda

Head of Operations

Our Ethics

We comply with applicable government laws, the professional code of ethics, and a company moral code that holds us accountable for delivering beyond expectations.

We also contribute to the communities in which we operate and responsibly address social issues.

Our work methods


We believe that the only way to be the best is to do the best. As such we are continually striving to improve our processes, to better our skills, and to raise the bar on the quality we deliver.


To be the technological leader in innovation around the internet of things. We aim to be renowned for consistently delivering beyond customer expectations.


To create digital solutions that will help our customers' businesses differentiate themselves so as to compete and win in a highly advanced technological world.

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