Can We Predict The Future Of Technology? – Part 1

Futurists have come up with both exciting and scary visions of how future technology will be like.

Future prediction isn’t exactly a science , but when one watches the technology industry , it is possible to identify the trends and chart a course in which things are likely to head.

There is, of course, a two – pronged approach to this:

1. Improvement of existing technology

2. Replacement and Invention / Innovation of New Technology

What are some of the predictions on the future of technology?

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

Artificial Intelligence is the scientific understanding of the mechanisms underlying thought and intelligent behavior and their embodiment in machines.

It is simply intelligent behavior in machines.

Technologies such as computers and imaging are increasing apace. Presently, there are so many levels of intelligence. It can be estimated that in the near future human – like machine intelligence will be in existence in some form.

Artificial Intelligence has raised some extraordinary issues that have quieting implications for humanity.

The evolution of Artificial Intelligence means that human beings are moving away from repetitive tasks and are increasingly focused on tasks that only humans can do. For the work spaces, people will spend less time sitting at their desks and more time in a diversity of settings.

The more innovative firms get, they will no longer be thinking of work spaces in terms of a single location, but as a network of spaces where employees can access depending on what they are trying to achieve which could range from brainstorming on a new product , training  a new sales team  et al.

Uber has revolutionized access to mobility by offering commuters their private drivers. Employees will be expecting the same level of diversity and choice from their workspace.

Artificial Humor

The idea of comedic humor sounds fantastic.  A.I. researchers are coming up with computer programs that can recognize a joke. They are taking satire very seriously as they believe humor is a crucial aspect of improved interaction between human and computers.

Cybersecurity and Data Security

Cyber physical hacking has been going on for a while. There is likely to be an increase in ransomware attacks that can cause companies’ digital infrastructure. Attacks on manufacturing equipment, surveillance infrastructure and data centers which are likely to cause damage to the tune of millions of dollars. Business operations could even be shut down.

The good thing is that I.T. engineers with specialization in cybersecurity have anticipated this and are working round the clock to come up with solutions that could prevent some of these disastrous happenings from materializing.

 Data security is a critical problem that needs to be addressed in the development process. This is not only applicable for customers and clients whose data is vulnerable, but also for software developers and business leaders who are tasked with protecting the data.

These entities are familiarizing themselves with how they can incorporate security into the development process. Businesses will begin to implement what they will have learnt. Tech leaders will train developers on how to avoid errors such as coding security holes in their apps. Developers will add security detection features at the code level. This will protect the code from intrusion and will help in watching out for anomalous activity.

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