How Email Integration Works

Email Integration helps you keep track of what is going on across all of the accounts by automatically capturing emails to and fro every contact and support case.

It creates a history of every interaction with your prospects and customers. The CRM System automatically captures incoming and outgoing emails and stores them in one’s account activities. It gives a team complete transparency of all correspondence. The emails are stored in chronological order, with a summary grid let one select what information to display and store any attached documents. The volume of documents stored is determined by one’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) plan.

It works well with email client of one’s choice including Microsoft Outlook 365 and Gmail. It integrates one’s customer support messages in the service module. It automatically creates new customer support cases for incoming email.

As it synchronize in real time, one is able to see all the messages to and from your customers, along with other activities, wherever you are.

CRM email integration works by directly with the mail server. As no local software is required for installation, one can continue to use the email client of one’s choice. There is no limit to the number of email addresses one can set up. The system can recognize any address you add.

Incoming emails can also be used to create new cases, allocate a Case ID, or be mapped to existing cases.

Getting important client emails into your CRM is essential. Email synchronization works no matter what email provider one has or the language that the messages are in.By utilization of a standard IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) connection, one is able to ensure that they are never trapped into a CRM – specific email integration.

The source of every email one sends should be in the mailbox. One need not switch between the mail client and the CRM to find an email that one sent.

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