How To Choose A Web Hosting Provider

In a digital age , a company’s website serves as the primary storefront for your business. That is where one makes the first impression

Hosting Services are usually available in a range of a few dollars to thousands of dollars. If you are a small business you can start by having a cloud, a virtual private server or a manage service in the range of ten to a hundred dollars.Your business can be provided with a domain name and a secure , credible website that drives customers to your products or services.

How much hand-handling you need

Basic customer service provides access to email , ticket and phone support. What will be different is turnaround time on requests. Some service providers will even offer 24 hour phone support. The inhibiting factor to a non – managed service is that while a vendor may answer questions about basic configuration , it will not be the systems manager.

What Type of Hosting You Need

Before you start looking for a hosting mate , it is always important to check the different web hosting configuration that will appeal to users based on size and traffic of the website. A personal portfolio website does not need a dedicated server.

In order to be successful in the long term , a business much choose the best web hosting service  for their specific set of circumstances.

Web Hosting Server

The servers that are provided by web hosting services are classified into some categories :

  • Shared: Probably the most common option for small businesses with minimal levels of traffic, shared hosting means that more than one website is stored on a single server or a single piece of hardware. Shared servers are often the least expensive option, which makes them appealing to startups and other small entrepreneurial businesses.
  • Dedicated: When a single server plays host to a single website, it is called a dedicated server. This configuration allows the computer power of that server to be concentrated on just the website it is hosting. The dedicated server is usually more expensive than a shared server but that extra cost can be worth it to businesses where website performance is paramount to success.
  • Cloud hosting (VPS): Similar to the shared server, virtual private servers (VPS) allows many websites to be hosted by one cloud-based server system. A VPS is essentially the cloud-based version of a shared server; however, because of the scalability, flexibility, and redundancy of cloud computing, the VPS can offer more features. A VPS is often a good choice for businesses with computational and feature requirements that fluctuate over time.
  • WordPress: Physically speaking, a managed server can be hosted by any of the three previously mentioned configurations; the difference is that a WordPress server is specifically designed and optimized to serve WordPress pages, which are often used by bloggers, journalists, and other content creators.

Why it is crucial to choose the best host

By contracting with a web hosting service, small businesses can establish a digital presence with international reach without having to purchase hardware, install an operating system, deploy the proper web server software, write the required HTML, JavaScript, PHP, etc. code to build a functioning website, or hire the IT staff to maintain and secure all of that over time. With a web hosting service, a small business can concentrate on what it wants its website to look like and what information it wants to convey–all of the infrastructure maintenance and troubleshooting can be left to the professionals

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